VOL-4 ISSUE-4, October 2020

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1.Metal-Organic Frameworks for the Removal of Heavy Metals from Water

By Dr. Abhinandan Rana

Pages : 1-4

Water pollution is a foremost problem across the world that endangers the survival and development of man and society. As a result of this menace, the effective and efficient removal of heavy metal ions from water has become a serious concern. Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) have gained attention as promising materials for liquid-phase adsorptive removal of heavy metal ions. Properties such as large surface area, high adsorption capacity, tunable porosity, hierarchical structure and recyclabili

2.Green chemistry and sustainable development

By Dr. Abhinandan Rana

Pages : 5-10

Chemistry is truly very helpful to us as its applications are used globally for numerous purposes. Almost all products have been manufactured involving one or more chemical processes. Therefore, we cannot imagine our life without the products produced by the chemical industry. However, to obtain our desired products, always a large amount of wastes and hazardous materials are generated. “Green Chemistry” is the universally accepted term which describes the movement towards more environmentally

3.Medicinal properties of a naturally occurring pentacyclic dihydroxy triterpenoid uvaol

By Subrata Ghorai

Pages : 11-15

Uvaol is a 6-6-6-6-6 pentacyclic ursane type dihydroxy triterpenoid. It is present in various plants such as Plumeria rubra, Olea europaea, Nerium oleander and Malus domestica. One step conversion of ursolic acid, a 6-6-6-6-6 pentacyclic triterpenic acid having an identical triterpenoid backbone, to uvaol has also been reported. A variety of pharmaceutical properties, including antimicrobial, hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour, anti-cancer, cardiovascular effects and healing of cu

4.Erythrodiol, an Oleanane-type Triterpenoid: Natural Resources and Medicinal importance

By Saikat Kumar Panja

Pages : 16-22

Erythrodiol, is a naturally abundant biologically active triterpenoid. It is the biosynthetic precurso r of pentacyclic oleanae-type triterpenic acids in plants. This is a dihydroxy triterpenoid having beta-amyrin type fused pentacyclic (6-6-6-6-6) carbon skeleton Herein, we have reviewed the various plant resources of this oleanane-type triterpenoid erythrodiol. Various pharamacological activities of erythrodiol have also been discussed.