VOL-3 ISSUE-1, January 2019

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1.In vitro Thrombolytic Activity of Flowers of Nerium oleander

By Sanushi Herath, Mayuri Napagoda

Pages : 1-3

The study was carried out to investigate the in vitro thrombolytic potential of crude methanolic extract of flowers of Nerium oleander, a plant widely employed in traditional medicine to treat cardiovascular diseases. Using the blood of selected sixteen individuals, the thrombolytic activity was assessed in four different concentrations of the crude plant extract where streptokinase and normal saline were used as the positive and negative control respectively. The clot lysis percentage was calc

2.In-vitro anticancer and catalytic activity of Paederia foetida conjugated gold nanoparticles (PF-AuNPs)

By Chhabi Garai, Sk Nurul Hasan, Abir Chandan Barai, Aditi Dey, Subhankar Manna, Somenath Roy, Braja Gopal Bag

Pages : 4-12

The phytochemicals present in the leaf extract of Paederia foetida were utilized for the green synthesis of Paederia foetida conjugated gold nanoparticles (PF-AuNPs). Anticancer activity of the stabilized PF-AuNPs studied against MCF-7 breast cancer cell line and HeLa cell lines revealed that the stabilized PF-AuNPs were highly effective for the apoptosis of cancer cells selectively. Catalytic activity of PF-AuNPs has also been reported.

3.Critical vesicular concentration of maslinic acid in aqueous binary liquid mixture by using hydrophobic pyrene as a fluorescent probe

By Sk Nurul Hasan, Braja Gopal Bag

Pages : 13-16

Maslinic acid, a naturally occurring 6-6-6-6-6 dihydroxy triterpenic acid is extractable from the fruits of olive (Olea europaea) as a white crystalline solid. This molecule can undergo spontaneous self-assembly in different aqueous-organic binary liquid mixtures to yielding vesicles of nano to micrometer dimensions. Herein, we report our detailed investigation of the critical vesicular concentration of self-assembled vesicles obtained from maslinic acid in different aqueous-organic binary li