VOL-2 ISSUE-2, April 2018

A review on the medicinal acivities of Andrographis paniculata

Pages : 9-13

Author(s) : Subrata Ghorai

Category : Review Paper

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Abstract :
Andrographis paniculata, commonly known as Kalmegh, is one of the most popular medicinally important plants in India. The main constituents of this plant are two lactone diterpenoids namely andrographolide and deoxy-andrographolde. It is used traditionally for the treatment of several diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, ulcer, skin dieses, cancer and malaria since ancient times. In this review, the medicinal properties of Andrographis paniculata and its chemical constituents have been discussed.

Keywords : Andrographis paniculata, andrographolide, deoxy-andrographolde, medicinal properties