VOL-3 ISSUE-3, July 2019

In vitro erythrocyte membrane stabilization potential in some Sri Lankan medicinal plant extracts

Pages : 1-3

Author(s) : Mayuri Napagoda, Eranda Prathibha, Mohamed Nifras

Category : Research Paper

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Abstract :
The red blood cell (erythrocyte) membrane stabilization potential in hydroalcoholic extracts of eight medicinal plants used as anti-inflammatory remedies in Sri Lankan folk medicine was evaluated. The highest membrane stabilizing potential was observed in Hibiscus furcatus (EC50 = 51.92 µg/mL) and this activity was superior to the reference drug (EC50=131.9 µg/mL). The plants used as anti-inflammatory remedies are capable of stabilizing the cellular membranes.

Keywords : medicinal plants, membrane stabilization, red blood cells