VOL-1 ISSUE-3, October 2017

Terpenoids as Renewable Nano-Sized Building Blocks

Pages : 74-81

Author(s) : Braja Gopal Bag,* Abir Chandan Barai, Sk Nurul Hasan, Subhajit Das, Chhabi Garai, Subrata Ghorai, Saikat Kumar Panja

Category : Research Paper

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Abstract :
Terpenoids are a large and structurally group of natural products containing multiple five carbon containing isoprene units. In the current studies, detailed computations have been carried out with 120 naturally occurring mono- (C10), sesqui- (C15), di- (C20), sester- (C25), sesqua- (C35) and tetra- (C40) terpenoids using Gaussian 09 software with with Gauss view 07 and molecular mechanics calculation using Serena software.

Keywords : terpenoid, renewable, nano, DFT, force field calculation, plant secondary metabolite