VOL-1 ISSUE-3, October 2017

Synthetic studies of antascomicin A: Construction of C1-C16 fragment

Pages : 71-73

Author(s) : Jithender Reddy Vakiti and Subhash Ghosh*

Category : Research Paper

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Abstract :
This communication describes the stereoselective synthesis of C1-C16 fragment of antascomicin A, a non-immunosuppressive immunophil-binding natural product. Evans aldol reaction was used extensively to install all the stereo centres present in the fragment. The hemikatel present in the fragment was synthesized via DMP-mediated oxidation of -hydroxy amide followed by acid catalyzed hemiketalization.

Keywords : Immunosuppressive, FKBP12-binder, Anatscomicin A, Evans aldol and Lactamization